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Cape May Parasailing

Fly above the ocean without getting your feet wet. Glide on a parachute that won’t have a rough landing. Cape May Parasailing is your ticket to an adventure that’s both safe and spectacular: being held by a sail and harness attached by rope to a high-speed motorboat hundreds of feet beneath you! Offering magnificent views of the land and sea with the stability of a hot-air ballooning trip, this Cape May activity is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Best of all, just about anyone can enjoy Cape May parasailing during a stay at Stockton Inns: no flight experience or special training is required! In fact, the harness keeps you so secure that trips tend to be more relaxing than anything else. It’s all about floating through the open air with your hands and feet in the breeze–a perfect addition to your next vacation!

Cape May and the neighboring borough of Wildwood Crest each have a parasailing company of their own: East Coast Parasail in Cape May and Atlantic Parasail in Wildwood. Both offer similar trips of about an hour and a half, a journey that can include a dip into the ocean during the flight if you choose! Bathing suits, towels and sunblock are typically the only items you need to plan on bringing–lifejackets will be provided on top of these.

Parasailing can be a breathtaking experience that’s also quite easy to arrange. Take to the air for a memorable day out in Cape May!